With over 25 years of combined experience in political marketing, PR and branding, co-founders Emily Schrader and Zina Rakhamilova bring an innovative approach to branding and strategic communications through a variety of services that help non-profits, start-ups, and businesses maximize their potential for branding on social media. 


Offering services in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, Social Lite Creative LLC offers tailor-made digital marketing services for any company, with experience in start-ups, non-profits, political campaigns, governments, and more. Social Lite Creative LLC specializes in organic growth and quality over quantity with a team of skilled content creators and producers.


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Meet the Team
What others are saying

"[Emily] is constantly thinking outside the box to create innovative and current content that will engage and encourage interaction by the masses. I would trust Emily with any project and her ability to excel the brand, marketing, and digital messaging of any business, in any industry."

- Ron Krudo,

Equiturn Business Solutions

Emily is always looking for new ways to improve marketing strategies and messaging to reach new audiences through a variety of tools."

- Ilan Lopez

Director, Jewish Community of Guatemala

"Emily is incredibly professional and creative. She has great technical skills and she understands campaign marketing unlike no one else. She is a digital expert, she has the ability to simplify complex messages and reach massive audience."



- Hen Mazzig

Founder, Zeitgeist Strategies

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