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Zina Rakhamilova has over five years of experience in digital marketing, campaigns and content creation. During her role as the Canadian Campus Director for StandWithUs, Zina then moved to Israel and joined the StandWithUs Digital Department, where she helped manage and create content and growth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube with a following of 1.3 million and growing the organization's instagram following to over 116,000 followers.

During her role as a campus professional, Zina paved the way for social media strategy in the Israel world on North American campuses. She managed online campaigns that defeated four Boycott, Divestment and Sanction referendums that reached over 100,000 students on a given campus. She also managed campaigns that got four students elected in prestigious positions including the Board of Governors. In addition, she re-branded the Campus Department's social media, significantly increasing the band awareness and online engagement.

As the Digital Associate,  Zina second most senior position in the department and oversaw content in five different languages.​​ Her main role was to organize and create digital content based on historical, trending, pop culture trends and real-time news stories. Her experience includes taking on challenging concepts and finding creative ways to create engaging content on those topics.  

Zina worked on social media campaigns which brought about real-world impact in combatting antisemitism including collecting over 8000 signatures to demand that Airbnb revoke their decision to remove listings in Israel, or fighting for seven year old chess champion Liel Levitan to be granted entry to Tunisia to compete in the World Chess Championship after she was barred because she was Israeli.


Zina has also worked in crisis situations to report rocket or terror attacks. She worked on researching and creating viral content at the peak of news stories. Zina was part of a small group who exclusively reported at the Hezbollah terror tunnels and the Hamas border with the Israel Defence forces.











Zina managed live tours all across Israel, taking over 50,000 viewers on live tours in some of the most unique places across the country. She also scripted, hosted, filmed, edited and produced multiple videos in Jewish historical sites and with political and Israel Defense Forces military leaders.​​ She has been on live interviews and has sat on panels discussing antisemitism. She educated 1000s of students about the history of Israel and has trained them on social media and how to create powerful and successful online campaigns. 

As one of the partners of Social Lite Creative, Zina now works with companies, organizations and businesses to build up their online branch and manage their important campaigns. She is excited to take her skills and experience to help build online empires.


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Hezbollah Terror Tunnels with the IDF

Southern Israel torched by Hamas Arson Attacks

Inside a Hamas Terror Tunnel

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