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Digital Strategy
Channel Management

*All services available in English, Hebrew, or Arabic

In-depth analysis of existing platforms and comprehensive content and marketing strategy. Available for 6 months, or 1 year.

Ongoing social media management and advertising services at the top level, combining content with traditional PR to maximize results.

Social Media Training

Social media training from A to Z, covering platforms, anayltics, SEO basics, and more. Available for individuals or companies. 


Comprehensive review of analytics and results of your marketing team's content. Available one-time or ongoing.

Content Creation

Graphic design, video editing, and blog writing services optimized for all platforms.

Public Speaking

Lectures and workshops on social media, as well as lectures on the history of social media and its effect on society today.

Public Relations

Public relations focused on the international audiences.

*PR services in English only

PPC Advertising

Digital ad creation and management on Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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